Daphne Segré, my childhood piano teacher from 1964-1969;1972-1974; piano teaching mentor from 2007-2014 and still my dearest and oldest music friend.




Four great musicians who have inspired me to continue teaching music.

Four great role models for my pupils.

Marin Alsopdanielbobbyevelyn glennie
Marin Alsop                Daniel Barenboim        Bobby McFerrin         Evelyn Glennie



The Language Instinct How the Mind Creates Language by Steven Pinker

One of my favourite books about language acquisition. This book gave me the confidence to develop my own teaching method for teaching primary school children English as a new language.




  • 2011 – attended 33rd International EPTA Conference in Luzern – Musikpädagogik im 21. Jahrhundert
  • 2011 – attended ABRSM Seminar for Instrumental Teachers at International School of Zug