Films from my teaching studio

Video Doodles
In 2012 I took my students to a concert of improvisation given at Claudia Binder‘s studio by the four pianists known as the Tastressen.
Later I filmed my students improvising and used bits of the footage to make video doodles for their and my amusement.


Apart from the usual end of term concerts, kids learning the piano often miss out on the ensemble and social aspects of learning an instrument. So throughout the year my students have to participate in workshops, often with other instrumentalists. Sometimes I invite other musicians to come and lead workshops in my studio. Here, for example, I invited Valeria Zangger to take a workshop with my pupils after they had been to hear and see her playing in a concert together with Pierre Favre.


who put themselves through the challenge of learning and practising an instrument, will be best suited to support their own children’s practising struggles.