Comet – 3′ 10″

“Es ist ein grosser, schmutziger Kielselstein, voll Staub, der einfach durch den Weltraum rast !”

“A gigantic, filthy piece of grit, full of dust, racing through outer space !”

Performed here by the Sinfonietta MKZ in November 2016, as part of their themed programme about our solar system.


Stuff I’ve been up to recently and not so recently …



Smile :-) – 2’16”

Composed for the teenage ensemble Trio Troika; scored
for piano, oboe, cello and a bit of theatrical shouting from the players. They wanted something that “let rip!” Performed as part of their programme in the Schweizer

wenn die rose geht, siehst du keine büsche/when the roses go you shall see no bushes

An example of my work as a film maker.

A ‘visualisation’ of text and music, intended to be exhibited in a visual art context.

Text – Johanna Lier

Electronic score and Voice – Julia Schwartz


Gespräch(e) im Gebirge / Conversation(s) in the Mountains -16′

Commissioned by Gerhard Pawlica for the Luzerner Kammermusiker, this piece is based on the poet Paul Celan’s prose of the same title. Fragments from a 1967 recording of Celan reading his prose and a tape collage, are projected through 8 speakers placed around the audience.

The live music is scored for flute/piccolo, clarinet, 2 violins, viola, cello, double bass.



In meinen Träumen Singen die Seele meiner Schwestern und Brüder/ In my Dreams my Sisters’ and Brother’s Souls are Singing- 23′

Commissioned by ‘ars cantata‘ as part of a spiritual programme, the intention of this piece is to give the listener time to reflect on man’s inhumanity to man.

Fractal – 4’25”

When asked to define what fractal means, Benoit Mandelbrot replied “beautiful, damn hard, increasingly useful. That’s fractals.”

The piece is dedicated to my family.

Commissioned by Chris Walton for the Witikon String Orchestra, Zürich.

First performance conducted by Arthur Lilienthal.

Fractal Visualised – 4’25”

Another example of my work as a film maker. This time to my own music!



There and Back Again – 34′

A dance piece inspired by Paula Rego’s Nursery Rhyme etchings; featuring the voices of Chris Robson – counter tenor and Yvette Bonner – girl’s voice/soprano. Staged by the Gulbenkian Ballet, Lisbon with costumes by Paula Rego and choreography by Stijn Celis.

Double Trouble – 60′

Double Trouble is a story about some poor people who discover a magic pot which duplicates everything that lands in it, including people!

Commissioned and performed by the W11 Children’s Opera, London.

Story of the libretto – Louisa Lasdun and Adam Thorpe

Libretto – Adam Thorpe.
First performances conducted by Wayne Marshall.

Freedom or Death

Four orchestrated songs from a musical melodrama set in 19th century Greece. Featuring the voices of Marie Angel, Janice Kelly, Nigel Robson and Tim Yealland.

Berlin Symphony Orchestra

conducted by Brynmor Llewelyn Jones

Hannah’s Songs

Commissioned by the sculptor Kate Meynell.

I was handed a tape recording of the artist’s six month old daughter, Hannah, making her first ‘singing’ or babbling sounds. In the first song I created a slushy accompaniment to support the infant’s debut as a singer!

Piano – Ian Brown

Cello – Ruth Phillips



Composed for the London based all female big band Offbeat 17!