Freedom or Death

Janina Song Screen shot _3
Excerpt 1. Lake Music 28″



Janina Song Screen shot _2
Excerpt 2: Ioannina Song 1’2″

Soprano – Janice Kelly

We are from Ioannina in Epirus wild,

Where winters freeze but summer’s long and mild,

A distant corner of the empire Turk

Though ’tis Albanians who do all the dirty work.

And where the mountains soar to craggy heights,

Sing goatherds with their shaggy beasts,

Who nibble on lush marjoram and thyme

Ensuring that, when grilled, their haunches taste sublime.

A city spread along the waterside,

Is three miles long, by just as many wide…



Coffee Song
Excerpt 3: Coffee Song 57″

Soprano – Janice Kelly
Mezzo – Marie Angel


Pouff! This morning’s frightfully hot!

Does anyone want coffee from my pot ?


A small cup, with lots of sugar, please.


And one well boiled will  ease

My poor pricked fingers, such pain from these.


Yes, a coffee, dark and medium sweet

Will help to keep us on our feet


For you dear lady, what will you have today ?


Excerpt 4: Dove Song 50″
Soprano – Janice Kelly
Mezzo – Marie Angel

The doves are mating in the tree.

My heart beats fast with love for thee.

I wish my feathers could all ruffled be,

By a dark lover who would take to me.



Autumn Leaf
Excerpt 5: Autumn Leaf 1’37”

Tenor – Nigel Robson
Mezzo – Marie Angel

My love, she glows like an autumn leaf,

Spinning on golden kif.

And mine is bold like a bird of prey.

A thief of my poor heart.

And when s/he hovers so near

All s/he feels is great joy and great fear.

My soul flies like a lark.

And our love is pleasure,

Moving, twisting together.

Thieving from our hearts

Such passions and feelings.

From now just to forever

Bird and leaf will endeavour

To give one another

The juice of life.

Oh bliss!

Oh life!



Book and libretto by Polly Hope

Berlin Symphony Orchestra

conducted by Brynmor Llewelyn Jones
soprano – Janice Kelly
alto – Marie Angel
tenor – Nigel Robson
baritone – Tim Yealland

Demo recorded at Hansa Tonstudio Berlin