Double Trouble – 60′

The story is inspired by Two of Everything from The Treasure of Li-Po by Alice Ritchie. The story and libretto of the opera deal with themes such as greed, covetousness, selfishness and love.

The brief was to compose a through sung opera to be performed exclusively by children and to include solos, duets, trios, quartets and choruses. The score is for a 14 piece orchestra – 2 violins; viola; cello; double bass; flute/piccolo; oboe; clarinet; bassoon; trumpet; horn; 2 percussion; drum kit.

Excerpts from live stage performance

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and summer

1. Song of the Seasons  50″

CHORUS:…and summer, and autumn, and winter, spring and summer

SOLO: Summer is so far away, when winter blows ice-cold…

CHORUS:…so cold…



it might be treasure

2. Treasure 10″

CHORUS: It might be treasure,

D-dig it up!



what youve got

3. What You’ve Got 36″

SOLO: What you’ve got is never enough,

I’ve got the lot, some incredible stuff.

My kitchen’s fitted, my bedroom is kitted,

When the bathroom’s en suite, life’s a treat.



one potato two_2

4. One Potato Two Potato 1’3″

SOLO 1: They’re exactly same; eye for eye; scratch for scratch…

SOLO 2: It’s late, let’s go…

SOLO 3: But if, one…two…three…four…

TRIO: one potato, makes two potato,

makes three potato, makes four,

then something’s happening, a very strange happening…



life good

5. Jet Set Rap 29″

LARGE CHORUS: Oh! It feels so nice at the top of the heap,
You flash your Amex bendy and the fizzy bubbles leap
When you’re the one that’s trendy, ‘cos you’ve got what it takes,
You’ve got a lot of greenbacks and you’re cruisin’ the lakes,

‘Cos you’re the jet set and you’re cruisin’
‘Cos you’re the jet set and you’re cruisin’
Cos you’re the jet set!
Cruisin’ because you’re the jet set.



no joy

6. No Happiness! No Joy!

SOLO: …I stand before my wealth
And see no happiness, no joy.
Where might I find you ?
I cannot buy you.
Are you there ?
Oh joy…



oh crikey

7. Oh Crikey! Oh Crikey!  31″

…(who) is he ?
why oh why ?
you are you
you’re a lie
which is he ?
are you he ?
I am I
you’re not I
am I me ?
why am I ?
you’re not he
he is you
you are he
why oh why ?

Oh crikey!
Oh crikey!
Oh crikey!
Oh crikey!
We’re not you, we are true,
Please tell me we are true…



her mother

8. Why Don’t You Smash the Pot ? 1’9″

SOLO…Help me !
SOLO: She’s stuck, why don’t you smash the pot ?
SOLO: You know why..
SOLO: Because…
SOLO: I want mother…
CHORUS: What’s the matter ?
Don’t you love her ?
What’s the matter ?
It’s her mother!
What’s the matter with you ?



warmth of love

9. This Is What Counts 15″

CHORUS: This is what counts
SOLO: Holding you tight
CHORUS: What really counts
This is what counts
The warmth of love…


wayne-marshall-rehearsal1181_2NYMT 4
Conductor and composer
after the first performance!

My aim was to provide a score with catchy tunes and simple part-writing, so that the performers could concentrate on the expression of human emotions within their range of experience, without being burdened by an unfamiliar musical language.

Sound excerpts from live stage performance.

These excerpts are from one of the  live London performances and sadly there is no visual record of that performance. The accompanying images come from my own classroom ‘production’ of the piece, which I used as material for teaching English as a foreign language to Swiss German primary school children.