October 26th

Exhibition in the beautiful Casa das Storias, in Cascais, Portugal, of Paula Rego’s costume designs and costumes for my dance piece, There and Back Again/Pra Lá e Pra Cá, which was performed by The Gulbenkian Ballet in 1998 and 1999 in Lisbon.

Among the exhibits was a display of my original handwritten score and an audio visual recording of a live performance.

The curator of the exhibition, Catarina Alfaro, knew very little about how the piece had come about. After we spoke on the phone she invited me to write about it. I wrote a 9000 word essay which was translated into Portuguese and which was to have been included in the exhibition catalogue. However, for various reasons, I withdrew the essay at the last minute.

If you are curious to know more about this, please send me an email.



(N.B. The day after the exhibition opening, my score was in fact displayed from left to right along a 6 metre wall, and each page was enlarged to A3 size so that visitors could actually read it !!)




June 10th & 11th

Performances in Bern and Zürich of my 1998 choral work ‘In meinen Träumen singen die Seele meiner Schwestern und Brüder’

Sung by the Bernchor 21 under the direction of Patrick Ryf, the performances were supported by Amnesty International and in solidarity with the goals of that human rights organisation.


February 1st

Publication of the book ‘Der Flüchtlingschor’ by Christophe Homberger.


April 9th

Singing and performing with Christophe Homberger’s ‘Montagschor’ was a profound experience which will stay with me for the rest of my life.




March 3rd

Attended parts of  Festival for Contemporary Music at King’s Place, London on 5.3.2016 including Chris Brannick’s workshop on Music for Pieces of Wood by Steve Reich – great fun !



Joined Christoph Homberger’s .



Enjoying my drum lessons with Valeria Zangger




Invited to speak in Bern  at a symposium on Swiss female composers




Interview with Reinmar Wagner